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ԗent with a group of friends to try and catch the Oӳ game, good thing they had 500 TVӳ. We all were surprised by the daily happy hour specials. Very affordable and a decent selection of drafts. The place is ice cold inside which is great in this weather. Our bartender was a cute friendly girl, which is what made this 4 star experience 5 star! Hope this place sticks around, itӳ walking distance to my Grandmoms place.

נMarshall A., Baltimore, MD

"The upstairs bar was great for a group of friends to get together. The atmosphere was much better than downstairs. The bartenders were great upstairs! They were very personable and good mixologists.Went back a few days later for a late lunch after golf. Again went upstairs for better atmosphere. The food was good and plentiful.Ԡ

נDonald P., Glenwood, MD

ԙou must try the Baltimore Wing Wars Victory Sauce wings and the Seafood Mac & Cheese is amazing!!! Great atmosphere and friendly staff!!!Ԡ

נMegan J., Easton, MD

"Visiting my parents this weekend and had lunch here yesterday. Service is great and so is the atmosphere. CanӴ wait to come back in the summer and eat/drink outside and on the deck. Keep up the great beer list!Ԡ

נSam M., Arlington, VA

Ԉad a great time tonight. I had a party of 10 for a birthday celebration. We ordered almost every seafood dish including oysters נall well prepared and great taste. They make a Moscow Mule (called the Ropewalk Mule) drink, served in copper mugs ֠perfect. The staff were very accommodating and friendly. Charles, the manager took time out to wish the birthday girl a sincere birthday wish. Our server, Erin did a great job. We all had a good time and will be back.Ԡ

נSeb G., Fenwick Island, DE

"Had the most wonderful dinner tonight. Two of us had the crab cake dinner (w/rice pilaf and asparagus) and they were the most delicious crab cakes I've had. They use very little filler and were huge. One other had the salmon encrusted with pista chios and one had a burger. All said their dinners were delicious and we can't wait to go back!"

נK.F., Springfield

Our Ropewalk Team


Frank Campanella

נExecutive Chef ׼/span>

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